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JoJo + Touhou = MUCH WIN
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Tomodachi Randomness - Quirky Questions - Sakuya 1 by choxie-chan Tomodachi Randomness - Quirky Questions - Sakuya 1 :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 10 2 Tomodachi Randomness - Quirky Questions - DIO #1 by choxie-chan Tomodachi Randomness - Quirky Questions - DIO #1 :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 1 1
What Is This? (JotaRei- A JJBA/Touhou MiniFic)
What Is This?
A JJBA/Touhou Minific
Pairing: JotaRei
By choxie-chan
Summary: Let’s pretend that Reimu ends up stuck in Jotaro’s world, college-aged Jotaro decides to let Reimu stay with him. They go at a local mart to shop for food, suddenly music comes out from the radio and Reimu becomes startled and investigates the mart. What should you do, Jotaro?!  
“Hey! Hey! Jotaro! Something is possessing this place!” exclaimed Reimu as she investigated the place and “blessed” the place to shoo away the evil spirits
I've never seen a diamond in the flesh
I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
And I'm not proud of my address,
In a torn-up town, no postcode envy

“Hm?” Jotaro remained unaware of her motions as he focused on grabbing some cereal and such needs. As soon as he noticed the staring crowd, he turned and dropped the cereal box.
“Just what the hell you
:iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 7 5
OC Character - The Vicious Woman (1st concept) by choxie-chan OC Character - The Vicious Woman (1st concept) :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 3 5 OC Character - Ma'isah Abboud (1st concept) by choxie-chan OC Character - Ma'isah Abboud (1st concept) :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 4 5 Touhou - Dramatic Kagerou Imaizumi by choxie-chan Touhou - Dramatic Kagerou Imaizumi :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 7 0
JJBA/Touhou - A Simple Sacrifice
A Simple Sacrifice
A Jojo’ Bizarre Adventure x Touhou Oneshot
Written by choxie-chan
WARNING: This will have NSFW elements, but it’s not R-18.
And I pray these characters won’t turn out to be too OCC. I know I’ll improve in the future.
She didn’t know how she ended up in his mansion
“What happened?”
She’s confused at how she got in there.
As her memory came back to her, she began to remember what just happened back at the other mansion, before she ended up in the OTHER one....

“I have a task for you”
She looked above the person who just spoke.
“What would you like me to do, mistress?”
“If you’re willing to do anything for me, would you KILL for me? SAVE me? SACRIFICE for me?”
“Yes, mistress, anything for you.” The girl responded.
The mistress shifted from her tall chair in this heavy room. There’s this
:iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 4 4
JJBA/Touhou - Falling To Pieces - Ch. 1
Falling To Pieces ~ A JJBA/Touhou long shot fan-fiction.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this story, I hope you enjoy it~
CHAPTER 1 - A shot in the dark., A past, lost in space...
These ancient walls from an old mansion in Cairo hold horrifying secrets which the officials call it, a mystery which only God would know.
Yukari Yakumo, the Lady of Portals, enters that different dimension where the old mansion is.
As she passes through, she finds dust, jewelry, books and blood.
The smell of blood becomes stronger as Yukari passes through a hallway. 
The scent of blood makes sense to her as she suddenly finds a dark room.
"Hm, looks like this place isn't friendly enough"
Yukari enters the room, and suddenly, she freezes and begins to suffocate a bit.
"Goodness! What an awful scent! I don't think this is a common assassination. The smell comes from many bodies"
As a youkai herself, she could tell what type of creature would do these killings. And it wasn't human.
:iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 1 6
JJBA/Touhou - Tell Me About Yourself (fanfic)
"Tell me about yourself"
Script-formed fic by choxie-chan
Based on Akira-kawaii's fanart
Series: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Touhou
Disclaimer: Both characters Jotaro Kujo and Reimu Hakurei belong to their rightful owners.
SETTING: It takes place at a bedroom, both JOTARO KUJO and REIMU HAKUREI are at bed, unclothed but with their undergarments on. They're both lying in bed and converse to each other.
Reimu: So Jotaro, tell me about yourself.
Jotaro: Hmmm...
[Jotaro cooly looks straight ahead at a closed window.
As he stares at a blind spot, Reimu looks at him as she waits for an answer...]
Reimu: well?
Jotaro: what do you want to know?
Reimu: what do you usually do in your world?
[He still looks ahead at that window, Reimu moves herself in front of him in order to get his attention]
Jotaro: I'm in school, trying to get something to do in my life.
Reimu: ahhh, so you're studying?
Jotaro: mmhmm.
Reimu: what do you like about school?
Jotaro: It's alright, but I don't like what's aside educ
:iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 2 11
Personal Issues no.1 - Writting fanfiction by choxie-chan Personal Issues no.1 - Writting fanfiction :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 3 2 DxS - Fanfiction Concept no.1 by choxie-chan DxS - Fanfiction Concept no.1 :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 3 5 A Young Lady In Unspecified Colors by choxie-chan A Young Lady In Unspecified Colors :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 4 5 SKETCHDUMP-Choxie the Black Alice in Sonic xD by choxie-chan SKETCHDUMP-Choxie the Black Alice in Sonic xD :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 2 1 Momiji I. - THANK YOU BLUESHIFT0390 and 13K VIEWS! by choxie-chan Momiji I. - THANK YOU BLUESHIFT0390 and 13K VIEWS! :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 9 7 Youmu Konpaku (SketchbookX) by choxie-chan Youmu Konpaku (SketchbookX) :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 5 2 Yukari Yakumo (SketchBookX) by choxie-chan Yukari Yakumo (SketchBookX) :iconchoxie-chan:choxie-chan 6 0


Touhou Stage 5 Bosses - Mobians by Bar-Kun Touhou Stage 5 Bosses - Mobians :iconbar-kun:Bar-Kun 8 19 Sailor Venus n Mikey Hug by alaer Sailor Venus n Mikey Hug :iconalaer:alaer 112 27 Donatello X Ami XXXOOOs by alaer Donatello X Ami XXXOOOs :iconalaer:alaer 60 20 TMNT Raphael and Sailor Mars by alaer TMNT Raphael and Sailor Mars :iconalaer:alaer 243 55 Donatello and April by tamalero Donatello and April :icontamalero:tamalero 122 11 Donnie and April by Ihlosih Donnie and April :iconihlosih:Ihlosih 1,064 245 Don and April - Sorry by lledra Don and April - Sorry :iconlledra:lledra 205 4 DONNIE and APRIL by Captain--Ruffy DONNIE and APRIL :iconcaptain--ruffy:Captain--Ruffy 886 112 Don and April - Sitting by lledra Don and April - Sitting :iconlledra:lledra 323 37 Don and April - Heal by lledra Don and April - Heal :iconlledra:lledra 273 59 Don and April hangin out by ssjfabian Don and April hangin out :iconssjfabian:ssjfabian 426 27 April and Don by Shellsweet April and Don :iconshellsweet:Shellsweet 194 38 Don and April cuddle by ssjfabian Don and April cuddle :iconssjfabian:ssjfabian 317 23 Don and April by Porn1315 Don and April :iconporn1315:Porn1315 65 9 Help Me Study -Don/April- by mouse-xt2 Help Me Study -Don/April- :iconmouse-xt2:mouse-xt2 466 38



Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 8:11 PM




I'm very sorry for being gone for so long >_< I'm officially back now!
It has been so hard this year because I've been taking too many complicated classes, little did i know, it has affected my free time and such.

I've been taking a summer course since last month, since it's a 5-week class, there are things that I had to cram up unfortunately.
Thankfully I've passed my class anyway! :3 I'm excited to be back here again >u<

You know, I have to get back with being creative, I miss doing that. :3 (aka: of course, you see I'm still doing the fics, I'm freaking out about them so Idk if I'm doing it right or not, but I assure ya'll that it'll be done asap >_< If not then I'll remake my ideas, LET'S DO THIS!)

Oh! and I would like to thank Blueshift93 for his birthday present! he gave me another year of premium membership on D.A.
THANK YOU MAN!!! :_____;

  • Listening to: EVERYTHING
  • Reading: my school textbooks...
  • Watching: Sound of Music (Broadway Cast), and NEW JJBA SOON
  • Playing: Pretty much anything... OvO
  • Drinking: Water, me gusta water.


choxie-chan's Profile Picture
United States

I'm Selene!! I'm also known as: Choxie, choxie-chan, Lunachan630

LunaLyndis was my old devart account: :iconlunalyndis:

I'm born in June 30! (a Cancer~!)


So since I haven't introduced myself properly yet I'll take the time to do so now xD
You see, I may seem to be chipocray here, but irl I'm pretty shy and hawkwarrrrdddddd.
Although I'm a Diverse Christian, I'm a very open minded person.
I consider myself to be artistic with visual and performing arts like music, acting and art.
I just got into the lolita fashion so I have two classic outfits and a sweet outfit and I'm hoping to expand it.
Although I have my own otp's I respect what others think about it and their otp's.
That includes their own opinions about stuffs.
I normally attend just Anime Expo, but I'm hoping to attend other cons like Comicaze, PMX, ALA, and Fanime (I can't go to non-local cons yet)
You'll sometimes find me randomly singing things that relate to a conversation.
I'm in college completing my transfer requirements and I still don't know where I want to transfer hohoho~.
I'm a Music major but I love to take other artistic classes.
I love to laugh, it makes me happy and I love to laugh along with others.

Well that's all for now~ if you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask ^_^
Nice to meet you all~!

Some notes though:

I :heart: ANIME/MANGA~ and I :heart: CRACK PAIRINGS (depends what they are though O____O''')

PAIRINGS THAT I LIKE (from order of old ships to much recent ones :XD: AND WARNING: MULTISHIPPING... O.O)

Shadow/Amy [Sonic The Hedgehog]
Sonic/Amy [Sonic The Hedgehog]
Knuckles/Rouge [Sonic The Hedgehog]
Tails/Cream [Sonic The Hedgehog]
Vector/Vanilla [Sonic The Hedgehog]
Kyohei/Sunako [The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)]
Ranmaru/Tamao [The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)]
Takenaga/Noi [The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)]
Naruto/Hinata [Naruto]
Sasuke/Sakura [Naruto]
Gaara/Sakura [Naruto]
Deidara/Ino [Naruto]
Ikuto/Amu [Shugo Chara!]
Kukai/Utau [Shugo Chara!]
Yusuke/Keiko [YuYu Hakusho]
Kuwabara/Yukina [YuYu Hakusho]
Edward/Winry [Full Metal Alchemist]
Envy/Winry [Full Metal Alchemist]
InuYasha/Kagome [InuYasha]
Sesshomaru/Kagome [InuYasha]
Kouga/Kagome [InuYasha]
Miroku/Sango [InuYasha]
Undertaker/Grell [Kuroshitsuji]
Sebastian/Meirin [Kuroshitsuji]
Ren/Kyoko [Skip Beat!]
Fakir/Ahiru [Princess Tutu]
Mytho/Rue [Princess Tutu]
Seiya/Usagi [Sailor Moon]
Kish/Ichigo [Tokyo Mew Mew]
Pai/Lettuce [Tokyo Mew Mew]
Tart/Pudding [Tokyo Mew Mew]
Alucard/Seras [Hellsing]
Captain Hans Gunshe/Seras [Hellsing]
Jan/Seras [Hellsing]
Alexander Anderson/Seras [Hellsing]
Pip/Seras [Hellsing]
Luke/Rip [Hellsing]
Enrico Maxwell/Integra [Hellsing]
Abel/Esther [Trinity Blood]
Tres/Esther [Trinity Blood]
Leon/Esther [Trinity Blood]
Otani/Risa [Love*Com]
Suzuki/Chiharu [Love*Com]
Nobu/Nakao [Love*Com]
Fuji/Sakura [B.O.D.Y]
Ichigo/Rukia [BLEACH]
Ishida/Orihime [BLEACH]
Tsuna/Kyoko [REBORN!]
Reborn/Bianchi [REBORN!]
Usui/Karin [Karin (Chibi Vampire)]
Sora/Kairi [Kingdom Hearts]
Roxas/Namine [Kingdom Hearts]
Iori/Athena [King of Fighters]
L/Misa [Death Note]
Jareth/Sarah [Jim Henson's Labyrinth]
Spike/Buffy [Buffy The Vampire Slayer]
Vega (Balrog)/Chun Li [Street Fighter]
Ryu/Sakura [Street Fighter]
Link/Zelda [Legend of Zelda]
Ganondorf/Zelda [Legend of Zelda]
Mario/Peach [Super Mario Bros.]
Bowser/Peach [Super Mario Bros.]
Luigi/Daisy [Super Mario Bros.]
Ridley/Samus [Metroid]

~Crossover Pairings~ (OH, THEY COMMETH. XDD)
Kyosuke/Athena [Rival Schools (Justice Gakuen)/King of Fighters]
Hiei/Kagome [YuYu Hakusho/InuYasha]
Kurama/Kagome [YuYu Hakusho/InuYasha]
Aku/Blossom [Samurai Jack/Powerpuff Girls]
Demongo/Jack o'Lantern [Samurai Jack/The Great Adventures of Billy & Mandy]
Grell Sutcliff/Rip Van Winkle [Kuroshitsuji/Hellsing]
Dio Brando/Sakuya Izayoi [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Touhou]
Polnareff/Youmu [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Touhou]
Buccellati/Yukari [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure/Touhou]
Ghiaccio/Cirno [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure/Touhou]
Hol Horse/Seras Victoria [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Hellsing]
Alucard/Hol Horse [Hellsing/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure]
D/Rip Van Winkle [Vampire Hunter D/Hellsing]
Alucard/Sebastian [Hellsing/Kuroshitsuji-Black Butler]
Buront/Reimu [Elvaan from FFXI/Touhou-The Iron of Yin & Yang]
Dirty Ninja?/Parsee Mizuhashi [FFXI/Touhou-The Iron of Yin & Yang]
Dante/Morrigan [Devil May Cry/Darkstalkers-Vampire Savior]
Lucifel/Satori Komeiji [El Shaddai/Touhou]
Mukai/Tenshi Hinanawi [King of Fighters/Touhou]
Magaki/Patchouli [King of Fighters/Touhou]
Krizalid/Meiling [King of Fighters/Touhou]
Rugal/Yukari [King of Fighters/Touhou]
Thrax/Odette [Osmosis Jones/Swan Princess]
Kiva/Remilia (Kamen Rider Kiva/Touhou)
Discord/Eris (MLP:FiM/Sinbad)
Snake/Samus [Metal Gear Solid/Metroid]
Master Chief/Samus [Halo/Metroid]
Fox/Peach [Star Fox/Super Mario Bros]
Wolf/Peach [Star Fox/Super Mario Bros]
Sonic/Miku [Sonic the Hedgehog/Vocaloid]
Deadpool/Pinkie Pie [Deadpool/MLP:FiM]
Jotaro Kujo/Reimu Hakurei [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Touhou]




Current Residence: Montebello, CA
Favourite genre of music: many
Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga, Photography, Etc. XD
Operating System: PC: Windows 7 & Mac: Macbook Pro Mountain Lion
MP3 player of choice: my iPod (idk)
Wallpaper of choice: anything that is my favorite pairing or favorite characters! x3
Favourite cartoon character: Lots of loves! XD
Personal Quote: "Be happy no matter what, Because time is cruel and it never comes back, So just keep smiling!



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sigh I gotta go back to writing and drawing here on dA. Your art is awesome and it's improving so much btw! :3 
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